Break Time

Since Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was released, I’ve been playing pretty much every day.  I’ve got a Gladiator to level 50, and every other battle class to at least level 15.  Per my Raptr Profile, I’m just short of 200 hours played, and I decided last week that it was time for a break.  I haven’t started to dislike the game or anything like that, but I have that feeling I get when I’m about to get burnt out on a game.  So, break time.  Coincidentally, I just picked up a copy of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX.  I’ve been playing that like a boss.  It includes Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts re: Chain of Memories, both of which I’ve played previously.  Also included in the pack is all of the FMV cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (heretofore known as KHD) in a kind of movie format.  I played KHD when it initially came out, but never quite finished it.

Things came up.  You know how it is.

Finally got around to watching the story, and OMG, I’m pretty sure that there were ninjas in my apartment cutting onions.  Either that, or the whole thing just got me right in the feels.  It feels odd to remark on the story of a game that’s been out several years, but the movie-like presentation of the KHD story in the KH 1.5 HD ReMIX deserves special mention.

Anyways, I’m sitting at a bar while writing this, and so I’m going to go back to making fun of hipsters while talking about the government shutdown.  Y’all have a good week, great gaming and happy Oktoberfest.

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The betas for Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn are finally over, Early Access starts soon, and official launch soon after that.  I’m going to miss the betas, as they’ve been an interesting experience; I’ll miss the beta forums most of all.  As such, I want to say a public good bye to all the people I’ll miss.

  • I’ll miss you, the wannabe critics who points out “flaws” in the game but offers no suggestions on how they should be changed or fixed.
  • I’ll miss you self-styled designer, who’s feature should be put in POST HASTE!
    • “Hey everyone, check out this really weird UI I created and posted to deviantart!  I think Square Enix should just start using it immediately rather than the one they’ve been spending all their time perfecting and polishing!”
  • I’ll miss you arm-chair producer, who apparently wants FFXIV to be some other game entirely.
    • “Instead of Eorzea, the game should be set in space!  And instead of chocobos, we should all ride space ships!  And instead of shooting arrows and wielding swords, we should all use blasters and lightsabers!”
  • I’ll miss you other arm-chair producer, who thinks FFXIV is way too much like another game entirely!
    • “This game is a WoW-clone because it uses WASD movement.”
  • I’ll miss you .gif reaction thread because you were frakking hilarious.  You gave me this picture of a female Ellezen walking through Limsa Lominsa.
  • I’ll miss you, repeat poster. Boy that searchbox was hard to use.
  • I’ll miss you .dat miner stupid enough to post in the official forums.
  • I’ll miss you, free-to-play doomsayer!
  • I’ll miss you, uber-entitled Legacy hater!
  • I’ll miss you, person who said B3 was too hard; now you’re saying B4 is too easy!
  • I’ll miss the White Knights, those players who defended Square Enix at all cost, even when something they did was demonstrably bad.
  • I’ll miss the rage-quitters, “cancelling” their pre-orders! Goodnight you princes of Eorzea, you kings of Hydaelyn.
  • Scarecrow. I think I’ll miss you most of all.



JSL02: Everquest Next, Design Philosophies

Joystick Love

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Joystick Love is a podcast for the LGBT nerds and the fellow Everquest Next fans. In episode 2, we discuss the apparent design philosophies of Everquest Next from the information we have from SOE Live 2013.

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The problem Everquest Next has isn’t that the graphics look highly animated.  It’s that it looks like a cartoon.  Specifically it looks like cartoons that young children would like.  This pulls it out of the teen demo which has historically been the target for the majority of MMOs and lands it (whether intentional or not) into a more general audience.  This raises the question of how mature can content be, when they know children are watching?

Whom is EQN designed for?  What is the target audience?  Right now it looks very plausible that 10-year-olds will flock to the game due to the Saturday morning cartoon animation.  If SOE knows this and wants this, that means they must game design around it.

Even if they don’t want it, I can see the confusion parents and kids alike could have watching promos for this game.  It would absolutely look like something that would be appropriate for a young child.  That means parents will buy it for them, thinking it’s age appropriate.  That means kids will end up playing it.  And that will most certainly have a massive effect on the community.

Is SOE concerned that 10-year-olds are going to want to play this game?

Does SOE want this game to be for 10-year-olds and their parents?

Does SOE want this game to be for teenagers and adults?

How young are they targeting with the game?

These are answers they should be able to answer now.  Hopefully we’ll get them soon.


Everquest Next: It could be a kid’s game; whether SOE likes it or not.


Many are assuming EoN is now dead.
Things are not looking good for that company.




Trion Worlds closes another office today. End of Nations has been put on hold (again.)